Bedhead Hats

Reversible "Lounger" Flap Sun Hat


Bedhead Heritage Lounger Baby Flap Hats are light on heads, making them the ideal first hat for babies as they forget they’re wearing them! The soft flap lies flat behind baby’s neck while they’re in a pram or baby carrier, and the brim is slightly upright letting them see the world. Made from 100% eco-friendly linen which can self-cool in summer and warm in winter, the Lounger hat provides UPF50+ sun protection without overheating little heads. 

Fully reversible with a pattern on one side and a coordinating solid colour on the other, you get two hats for the price of one. Adjustable ties at the back of the crown allow the perfect fit to be achieved, and elasticated straps tie sweetly into a bow under chins to keep hats in place while little ones get accustomed to something on their heads. The elastic in the ties allows stretch and comfort, and ensures the ties aren’t too tight.

Can’t go wrong with a pink floral! These floating daisies have plenty of white space for a more minimal look. Paige has a reverse of our ever-popular Rosa pink, guaranteed to make it a fave of the pink fans! 

Best suited to: newborns, crawlers and toddlers still using prams, strollers, car seats, carriers and slings. Best style to convert stubborn hat-haters as they’re harder to pull off and not within their eyeline.

Available in Sizes: 
0-3 mth / 38 - 42cm
XS: 3-6 mth / 42 - 46cm

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