Bedhead Hats

Beach Legionnaire Hat - UPF50+


Bedhead Swim Legionnaire hats are so soft and comfortable over the ears and back of the neck making them a perfect baby swim hat.

These swim hats are made of high quality chlorine resistant stretch nylon knit with quick drying ability. Swim hats are best for use in a wet environment - at the beach, lake, swimming pool or splashing about under the hose! If you are looking for a hat for everyday use - we always encourage using our Cotton hats instead (all Bedhead hats excluding our range of Swim Hats). A cotton rich hat will be much cooler for everyday use.

Not your usual girlishly-pink flower, this beautiful so-now colour combo of peach, blue and olive greens is a firm favourite and predicted best-seller! 

IDEAL FOR: Babies, crawlers and toddlers still taking naps, being held a lot and not very mobile yet.

Available in Sizes:
XXS: 0-3 mth / 37cm
XS: 3-6 mth / 42cm
S: 6-12 mth / 47cm
M: 1-2 years / 50cm

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